Happy Customers

Betty W.

We have greatly enjoyed reviewing and shopping with your outstanding products and company, being, quote, Health Nuts, we know we have found our new best friends. Look forward to enjoying your products and increasing in greater health.


Mary Ann P.

You've gained a new long life customer with me! I'd also like to thank you guys for the super fast delivery & free shipping, the excellent customer service I received when I emailed you about my order and last but not least, the freshness, quality and pricing of the Berry and Protein powder I bought.


Christine P.

I use the Berry and Protein Blends daily and I cannot even believe how much healthier I feel after using these products consistently for the last three months. As a perimenapausal woman I thought I would never be able to regain energy and lose weight, it was if my prior body had been taken never to return. I work out now five days a week with an abundance of energy. The crazy fluctuations in my blood sugar and hormones have really been tamed and I genuinely feel the great majority of why that has happened is due to daily use of these products. Eternally grateful, keep it up!


Dawn C.

Love this stuff! Ever since I have come across Bennie Blends Superfood I’ve been recommending it to my clients, students, colleagues & patients, as well as using it myself, with wonderful results. I’m amazed at how good it tastes and you could tell the ingredients were of the highest quality. I feel the benefits immediately. I have more energy day to day plus my skin feels healthy. When training, I have less cravings for empty calories because my body knows it’s got the nutrients it needs. A huge thank you!


Michelle P.

I have seen an incredible change in my energy levels throughout the day. I don't get the 'afternoon yawns' anymore! I have more strength and endurance during cardio and weights. My skin, hair and metabolism have all improved a great deal since using Bennie Blends! I definitely recommend these products to anybody looking to improve their overall health and energy.


Jill D.

I tried Bennie Blends Berry after hearing lots of good things and following the Instagram account. I already knew it was a reputable company but even I didn't expect to feel and see so much difference so quickly. After only a few days I felt more energetic and after a week my skin looked better. I have been using it ever since and recommending it to everyone I know.
I love how it fits into a busy lifestyle, is really simple to use as a basic drink or how you can mix it into recipes for a superfood hit. I have been drinking it mostly just with water as it tastes like berries. Definitely a product I would recommend to anyone needing more energy and the benefits of a superfood hit.


Scott S.

During my fat loss/muscle gain journey (lost 40lbs of fat and gained 12lbs of muscle!), Bennie Blends provided incredible nutritional support. I noticed a distinct difference on the mornings I had my Bennie Blends protein shake. The alkalizing superfood helped flush lactic acid build up in my muscles, easing pain and inflammation and boosting my recovery time. The protein ensured I was getting a high-quality, easy to digest protein to aid in muscle recovery and strengthening. Each time I got back in the gym I was energized and fully recovered and had a BLAST working at 100% capacity! I LOVE my Bennie Blends Protein nutritional support and continue to use it to this day in living a strong and vital life. Thank you Scott!


Betty P.

For me, the difference between Bennie Blends Protein Smoothie Morning and one without (which rarely happens) is too vast to write about. But I will say that when I drink my Bennie Blends Protein I feel more energy, my appetite is under control, and I just plain feel better about myself.


Jessica H.

I was used to eating huge fast food combo meals and eating way too much for one person, but when my Coach introduced me to Bennie Blends Protein Powder, I loved the way it tasted. I felt full without feeling bloated and I had more energy than ever before. Eating became easier. I look forward to that first sip every morning the way other people look forward to their first coffee. I am invigorated and energized after every workout. I've lost weight and feel ridiculously happy!


Sally S.

I have just ordered my 3rd and 4th containers of the Berry Blend product. I absolutely notice clearer thinking and memory accompanied by more energy and alertness. I won’t go without this product ever again. I think it exceeds all the claims made about how berries can help us with anti-aging issues.


Tim P.

I’m LOVING my new Bennie Blends SuperFood protein. Spent two weeks researching different brands and happily chose the best out there! Love the taste... Thank You


Nicole W.

After researching other brands I revisited Bennie Blends Berry Powder because it’s all in there in one bottle. Simple! Very versatile. I use it everyday in my shake. It’s how I start my day. Delicious with almond milk. Delicious in smoothies and smoothie bowls…..so much to do with it. I mix it in my plain Greek yogurt. I love there’s no added sugar and wow the benefits of each berry! 


Tiffany A.

Difference is amazingly apparent! Thank you for the wonderful Super Food product. I have been taking the Berry Blend for a week now and I can already feel the difference in my overall health, well-being and my skin is clearing up!

It is truly amazing what can be done when you are treating your body right and when you are aware of all that you add into it.


Mark W.
New York

Bennie Blends Chocolate Protein is amazing! It is the best stuff I have ever tried!  I am quite sold on it to the point that my gym and health food store are now carrying this product because of me. I'm now a fanatical user of this protein blend. I love that there is no fillers in it just straight plant based superfoods with no chalky taste. Well done Bennie Blends, customer for life! Mark


Stephanie P.
New Jersey

I have been using the Berry Blend for about 6 months and I just love it.  It has increased my energy level and I have noticed that overall I feel so much healthier. Thank you so much Bennie Blends you have no idea the amazing things this is doing for my life! I owe ya one! Maybe with all of this new found energy I will do all the things I haven’t yet! Here’s to hoping!


Tom W.

I have tried numerous proteins in my adult life and may never again use a different one than Bennie Blends. Other plant based, vegan protein blends that I've tried have tasted terrible and did not sit well. Bennie Blends has been just the opposite–no bad reactions and I can even take it as a pre-workout snack without feeling weighed down. I love the chocolate flavor and its sweetness. I mix it with water only. I’m sure it’s even better with milk or in a smoothie. Plus, it would be hard to overstate the benefit of having zero artificial sweeteners.


Bridgette P.

Decided to try Bennie Blends Berry Powder as part of a health kick and partly because I wanted to see if it could raise my energy levels, which have been pretty low recently. The most significant effect has been on my skin - and people have been complimenting it. It’s made my skin feel amazing and really improved my digestive health.  I’ve been feeling physically better too, so am definitely going to keep using it.  Jeff was so helpful with all of my questions on twitter before I committed to ordering and the supplement goes really well in smoothies: Fantastic taste!


Helen A.

This is the only health supplement I have ever used that actually works! Completing my 20 day Berry Blend detox right now and already feel amazing! So much energy, clear skin and tastes delicious! Not a combination you find very often in detox supplements. I would recommend this product to anyone if you want to feel this full of energy! Mix it with just water, or add it to smoothies for an extra dose of fruit!


Len M.

I swear Bennie Blends Protein Powder is My Secret Weapon in fighting off, and keeping off, 20 pounds and nearly 3 inches off my waist. I tell all of my health/fitness friends about you guys!


Adele S.

I am a nutritionist so I eat quite well, with plenty of fruits and vegetables in my diet. However, I've been affected with little red spots on my face which will appear either on my forehead or my nose or cheek and is very unpleasant. When I finally mentioned it to my doctor he called it Rosacea. He suggested a treatment, but it made no difference. When a friend told me about the wonders of the Berry Blend from Bennie Blends superfood, I decided to try it because of all the nutrients contained in it. I started taking 1-2 scoops per day in water or smoothies, and after about 5 days I noticed that I had no fresh outbreak of spots and the already existing ones were clearing up, which was fairly incredible. I stopped taking Bennie Blends superfood for 10 days over Spring Break and the spots came back. When I resumed taking it again, my face started clearing up again. I am now sure that it is the Bennie Blends superfood that has done the trick and am very grateful. If the complexion of my face is so much better, the possibility is that the whole of my body is in better shape too.


Tracy W.

My skin is undoubtedly clearer now that I've been using the Berry Blend. To begin with I wasn't sure if it was coincidental but it has now been clear for around 2/3 weeks! I have done it alongside reviewing my diet as a whole and genuinely feel better and less lethargic, while having lost a bit of weight too:) I will continue to use this product as the taste and results are exactly what I've been looking for in a Superfood product! Excellent customer service whenever I contacted Jeff, which speaks volumes about his passion for the Bennie Blends products. Thank you team :)


Chrissy L.

Excellent Service and Product

I've been using the Bennie Blends Protein Blend for months now and the results are terrific! I feel great!!! I use the Blend every morning in my smoothies or add it to pancakes/water for the day! I've noticed a huge difference from using this blend and feel more energetic and it's helped me lose a little weight! Very happy with the results.


Michelle W.

I'm a marathon runner and the Bennie Blends Berry powder is a real asset in my endurance training regime. Great Product! 


John M.

This is a great product. I tried the Berry blend in my favorite smoothie and felt great, tons of energy. Will recommend to friends and family. Thanks Bennie!


Ali S.

I just wanted to express how much I love your Berry blend superfood! I have been adding them to my morning boost drink every day for a few weeks now and the benefits are countless. I have energy, feel alert, feel less bloated and my skin is clear & bright!  I will share my love for the product on a newsletter that I send out to my nutrition clients, as well as some family and friends. Thank you Bennie Blends.


Shelly K.

I don't often review products but for this one, I will definitely make an exception! I have tried many Organic protein powders, preferably vegetarian/vegan, as dairy protein isn't for me, and I absolutely think this one is phenomenal! The taste is so delicious and creamy, which I think is very hard to find in plant based proteins. I'm impressed by how clean it is and how good it makes me feel. I've always been into nutrition but since I have become pregnant I am extra careful about what goes into my body. Sometimes I'll gulp down things that I know are good for me but I don't typically like, well it's not the case for this protein. I look forward to drinking this everyday, sometimes twice a day, because it's that good! I'm a busy RN, so this is a quick, easy way to get good nutrients in me when I"m on the go. Thank you!!! 


Christine P.
New York

We are a gluten free household and have difficulty ensuring that we are all receiving the proper vitamins and nutrients that we need. Thankfully I came across the Berry superfood powder blend, and decided to give it a try. The taste is not chalky like many powdered blends I've tried before. In fact the berry flavor is refreshing! Will be ordering more in the future. 


Dawn A.


I love Bennie Blends! My stomach feels and looks so much flatter and it's definitely improved my mood. It is the only product to do this for me! Thanks Bennie


Sarah J.

I'm definitely seeing improvements already. My nails are longer and stronger than they have been in ages. I have felt really well and so full of energy, Love the taste of the Berry Blend.


Alexa K.
Washington, DC

Loving this Protein Blend. Can really notice the difference in my body and energy level. Chocolate flavor is awesome!


Julie P.

This berry powder is delicious! It's great with water and it's also wonderful with my morning smoothies. The fact that it does not have any added fillers and additives is awesome and it shows because there is NO artificial aftertaste, no yuckiness. I absolutely love it. I can't wait to experiment with the powder by adding it to other things like on top of fruit and sprinkled on my yogurt to see what else it would be good with. Pretty happy I took a chance with Bennie Blends products because I couldn't be happier with my purchase.  Fast shipping and great customer service. Thank You!



I love this product! The taste is so delicious and creamy. I use this in my morning smoothie and it's totally exceeded my expectations for a protein powder. I'm super impressed by how clean it is without any of the added junk that a lot of other protein drinks have in them. It's got none of the artificial aftertaste you get from a lot of other protein powders. I love adding it to my pancake recipe too - it makes them healthier and they stick with me longer helping me to stay full and on track with my health goals. This is my new favorite protein powder! It also arrived very fast after ordering which was awesome. 


New Jersey

This is a godsend, I love the product line. It is so nice to take the leg work out of figuring out what superfood to put in my smoothie and not having 800 jars on the counter!!!! Can't wait to start promoting this in the CrossFit community!


Sue P.
New York

I have tried many vegan protein powders and most taste chalky and thick. My first thought looking at each of the Bennie Blends powders was, "wow, I can see all the ingredients that make up the mix!" I was won over by my first Berry smoothie. No chalky taste and no icky aftertaste. It blends with no lumps or clumps. I actually look forward to my smoothies now. The Berry and Protein Blends are amazing and delicious!


Marc K.

I love the protein powder. Unlike other vegan protein powders, these don't upset my stomach and after mixing with some chia/hemp seeds, I'm full for hours. I think that these, combined with the healthy cookbook I got, will keep me on my path towards maintaining a super healthy diet.


Britt L.

I believe this product bridges the gap between the wholly inadequate processed foods we eat and optimal nutrition. I feel better since taking this product. I bought the Protein Blend and used a scoop of it my morning coffee. Wonderful taste!! 


Christine S.
New York

Visible difference in my energy, appearance and even my moods have improved! Love the New Berry Powder in my morning smoothies. The scooper inside the container is awesome. Thanks!!