Bennie Blends Products.
All of our products are created in consultation with a nutritionist and carefully formulated to deliver essential nutrients.  Bennie Blends is manufactured in the USA, using a registered facility with standards that far exceed FDA guidelines.
What is a superfood?
A superfood is a food that is especially nutrient-dense and is highly beneficial for health and wellbeing. There are many foods that have earned the title of "superfood" and Bennie Blends products combine some of the world's most potent superfoods to make it easier to achieve optimal nutrition and health.

How do I use Bennie Blends?
For Berry blend, simply add 1 scoop (5g) of the blend to smoothies, water, yogurt, fruit bowls, cereal, desserts & more - once a day, for 20 days.

For Protein blend, simply add 1 to 2 scoops (5 - 10g) of the blend to smoothies, water, yogurt, fruit bowls, cereal, desserts & more - once a day, for 20 days.

Can Bennie Blends assist me in losing weight?
By adding our blends to your regular diet, you are likely to experience weight loss as a result of the blend replenishing your digestive system. We recommend you follow a healthy, balanced diet and exercise regularly in order to maximise your results.

How long should I stay on Bennie Blends for?
You can use me as often as you like! I will assist in maintaining a healthy weight, which means I am a great addition to an everyday diet.

Do I need to change my eating habits?
In order to achieve the best results we recommend following a healthy and balanced diet. Keep an eye on our blog for eating plans and health tips.  Also, like us on Facebook and follow us @bennieblends on Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest for both nutritious and delicious meal inspirations.

How should I store Bennie Blends?
Make sure you store me in a cool dark place, airtight and away from moisture so you can enjoy me for up to 12 months.

What are the side effects?
Bennie Blends is made from only the finest organic and natural products, with no adverse side effects.

I don't want my purchase any more, can I return it?
If you have a product that you are unhappy with and you would like a refund, please contact hello@bennieblends.com. If you are eligible for a return, the product must be sent back unopened and undamaged including all customer contact details and information.

Want more info?
Send your questions to hello@bennieblends.com. We love hearing from you!