Organic Superfood Chocolate Protein Blend

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This powerful vegan Protein Blend is bursting with nutrient dense superfoods and is ideal for strength building, muscle recovery and weight management. This high-protein alternative to soy and animal products is ideal for those with sensitivity to milk, wheat, and other proteins.

Made from only the finest ingredients, this Protein Blend is an outstanding addition to any diet. Our divine blend is full of nutrients like magnesium, potassium, calcium, amino acid and is extremely high in antioxidants, with no added sugar. This gluten and cholesterol free blend is created with superfoods sourced from all over the world, including raw cacao powder, which provides the blend's chocolate flavor. It tastes AMAZING and also provides an energizing, caffeine-free power boost.


Organic Silk Brown Rice - Assists in weight loss or weight management, helps with muscle recovery and gains in muscle when taken after exercise. Promotes a healthy, lean physique.

* Excellent amino acid profile
* High in arginine, glutamine & leucine
* Low sodium

Organic Cacao - Great source of magnesium and sulfur for tired muscles, supports a healthy digestion, heart, mood and is a strong stress reliever.

* High in antioxidants
* High in magnesium, calcium, sulfur, iron, zinc and potassium
* Good source of healthy oils

Organic Lucuma - Boosts immune system functionality, stabilizes blood sugar, and supresses appetite, keeping you energized, LONGER!

* High in vitamin B3
* Excellent source of iron & fiber
* Essential carbohydrates & minerals

Organic Stevia - Natural sweetener with zero fat, zero calories and low GI.


Simply add 1 - 2 scoops (5 - 10 grams) to your smoothies, water, yogurt, fruit bowls,
juice, cereal, desserts & more - get creative!

All ingredients are 100% pure organic
100% vegan | gluten & cholesterol free | No added sugar, preservatives or fillers 
Each container contains 100g | 20 servings
Buy multi-containers and save more:
1 Container Package - $24.95
2 Container Package - $43.90 (save $6.00)
3 Container Package - $64.85 (save $10.00)

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