Improved packaging along with a brand new Protein blend

Bennie Blends has something very exciting coming up for you this November. Our goal has always been to make sure that we bring nutrient rich organic superfood blends at your door step. Premium quality of our superfood blends is something that we are known for. These natural superfood blends, rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients ensure that our customers’ athletic and vibrant lifestyles are enhanced.

In keeping with this goal of ours, Bennie Blends is now introducing new and improved packaging for its super quality Berry Blend. Previously, this product had been delivered in pouches. However, now those pouches have been switched in favor of white HDPE bottles, each with a capacity of 11oz. This new and modified packaging comes with a heat induction seal present right underneath the lid as well as a scooper.

This new and improvised bottled packaging, would primarily ensure that the contents of the bottle as well as the ingredients deployed in the Berry Blend remain fresher. Fresher ingredients automatically imply much more effective results. Consequently, our Berry Blend would endow you with a refreshed and rejuvenated look, leaving you more vibrant and healthier than before.

Along with this innovative packaging of our Berry Blend, the coming month will also add a unique and exciting Protein Blend to the list of Bennie Blends present at your disposal. Like all other blends, this Protein Blend will claim numerous health advantages to its name, being rich in a multitude of organic nutrients, all extracted from plant-based sources. Furthermore, it would be free from any sugar, fillers or preservatives.

We are committed to provide organic and nutritious superfood blends to our customers which would serve as a healthy supplement to their food intake. Our improvised packaging and next-in-line Protein Blend will make sure that we stay true to this commitment of ours.

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