3 Reasons to Go Gluten-Free

Gluten Free Superfood
Gluten is a protein substance present in certain grains, especially wheat, that is responsible for the elastic texture of dough. Foods with gluten may be delicious, but cutting gluten out of your diet can result in an array of health benefits! Here are 3 major reasons to go gluten free:


1.  Cut Cravings

We have all experienced carb cravings! Science shows that gluten can actually be addictive, leading your body to crave foods containing it. And, most foods high in gluten content, such as pasta, bread, and cereal, contain little nutritional value. By cutting out gluten, you can reduce your carb cravings, and make room in your diet to enjoy more nutritional foods such as fruits and veggies!

2.  Clearer Cognitive Thinking

The Paleo Diet’s article “Gluten and The Brain”, states, “In regards to cognitive function, as far back as 2004, scientists have shown improvements in the frontal region of the brain, in subjects consuming a gluten-free diet.”

Certain chemicals in gluten have been shown to travel from the gut to the brain during digestion. Studies suggest that eliminating gluten in your diet can support healthy brain functioning.

3.  Reduced Inflammation

Wheat is a pro-inflammatory agent, and it is rapidly converted to sugar in your body. Consuming large quantities of gluten can spike your insulin levels and result in cellular inflammation.

So, cutting gluten from your diet can promote weight-loss and overall health and wellness.

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